Tule Bluet
Coenagrionidae Enallagma carunculatum

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78 - Female_Goshen Canyon, Utah



Located at James Walter Fitzgerald WMA,
Tooele County, Utah - September 18, 2005

tule female

Located at Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah - August 14, 2005


Photo Details - ŠNicky Davis

1., 2., 3.  Female, May 12, 2006 - Goshen Canyon, Utah County, Utah - Canon 20D 100 mm lens,  1/250, ISO 200, F16, Flash 0
4. Female, September 18, 2005, James Walter Fitzgerald WMA, Tooele County, Utah  
5.  Female, August 14, 2005, Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah 
  • Dark, wide stripe on top of thorax
  • Dark stripe on sides of thorax are wider at the front than the back
  • More black than blue on segments 3-8
  • More than half of segment three is black
  • Segments eight and nine are blue on mature male
  • Segments eight and nine aretan on immature male
  • Segments eight and nine are black on female
  • Pale tubercle at the end of the superior appendages-Carunculatum refers to that tubercle
  • Prefer perching  on plants
  • Wings are held at the sides of the abdomen
  • Oviposit in tandem - still waters
Information from Kathy Biggs  "Common Dragonflies of the Southwest" and
Dennis Paulson "Dragonflies and Damselflies of the West"
Both Kathy Biggs and Dennis Paulson helped identify many of my Dragonfly Photos.
Also Alan Myrup helped identify many of the dragonflies.

see-nag-ree-on-id-ee  enn-al-lag-ma 

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