Family:  Miridae (plant bugs)
Sub Family:  Mirinae
Tribe:  Mirini
Genus:  Lygus

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heart mark on bug

Photo Details - ŠNicky Davis

Photographed at Strawberry Reservoir 24 June 2018
About: from Bugguide.  " Adult body either mottled or solid color varying from pale green to reddish-brown or black with pale Y or V shape on scutellum; antennae and legs relatively long.  Nymph: young nymphs are pale green and wingless or have tiny wing buds that grow with age; older nymphs take on more adult coloration and develop 5 black dorsal spots (2pairs straddling the midline of the thorax and 1 spot on the midline of the abdomen."

Sent to Bugguide for I.D. Identified by Bugguide - Ken Wolgemuth