Variable Darner,  Male - Aeshna  interrupta
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full view

Thorax and Head
thorax and head - side view

Thorax and head - top view

top view of abdomen


Hindwing  Anal Triangle
Hindwing anal triangle pattern


This Darner was located July 19, 2006 at a small pond in Ephraim Canyon, Sanpete County, Utah   -   North 39° 19'  18.80"    West 111°  29'  13.71"   -   Elevation 8700 Feet

Photos - ©Nicky Davis
1.  Full dorsal view
2., 3. Top and side view of Thorax and Head
4., 5. Views of  appendages

  • narrow cerci from a lateral view
  • two thoracic stripes are narrow, in particular the anterior stripe (sometimes the stripe is so narrow that it is incomplete giving the darner it's name, "interrupta")
  • two cells in the hindwing anal triangle
  • gap between the small spots on segment ten is greater than the gap on segment nine.
  • no spots on the underside of abdomen
  • about 3 inches long, wingspan  3 3/4 inches
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