Variable Darner,  Male - Aeshna  interrupta
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 Face and Top of Thorax
face and thorax

Pale greenish yellow face with the characteristic black cross-line
black line across face

Full Dorsal View of Worn Male
full view of male darner

Full Lateral View of Worn Male

 Variable Darner Thorax  side stripes are interrupted or very narrow
interrupted side stripes

Photo shows the small spots on segment ten are more widely separated than on segment nine
This male was cold when photographed  so the spots are darker
spots on segment nine and ten

Hindwing Anal Triangle showing 2 Cells
2 cells in anal triangle

This Darner was located  at Midway Reservoir, Wasatch County, Utah on 24 August, 2010
GPS N. 40º35' 25.47",  W.  111º 30' 10.40"
Elevation 8339 feet

Photos - ©Nicky Davis

  • narrow cerci from a lateral view
  • two thoracic stripes are narrow, in particular the anterior stripe (sometimes the stripe is so narrow that it is incomplete giving the darner it's name, "interrupta")
  • two cells in the hindwing anal triangle
  • gap between the small spots on segment ten is greater than the gap on segment nine.
  • no spots on the underside of abdomen
  • about 3 inches long, wingspan  3 3/4 inches
Ponds, lakes, slow streams including saline water., ponds with cattails and sedges.  See photo at

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