Black Meadowhawk, Female  -  Libellulidae  Sympetrum  danae
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Female Located at the Koosharem Meadows 7 August 2010

Lateral View

Dorsal View
dorsal view

Close-up of Thorax Lateral View

Thorax, Top of Head, Legs - Dorsal View
Thorax and Legs

Wing Venation  - Yellow (ish) Leading Edge with Rusty Colored Base
Wing Venation

Ventral/Lateral View of Abdomen
underside of abdomen

Front of Face
thorax and head

Thorax and Head - Dorsal View
Top of Thorax and Head


Female located at the Provo River Restoration Project
1 August 2004
Female Black  Dragonfly

Photo Details ©Nicky Davis
Located Female  8 August 2010 at the Meadows near the town of Koosharem, Sevier County, Utah
Elevation 6977
Eleven photos of Female Posed

Provo River Restoration Project, Wasatch County, Utah   ©Nicky Davis
Two Photos of Female not posed


  • 1 to 1.25 inches long, wingspan 1.65 to 1.80 inches
  • Mature male is all black including legs and head
  • Immature male thorax has yellow markings on the side with yellow dots in a black belt, also yellow on the abdomen and face, wings are clear and legs all black. Being an immature, it's markings are quite distinctive and it's actually easier to be 100% certain on the ID on this species when it is young as NO other species has the black belt with the 3 yellow dots in it . -Kathy Biggs
  • Female resembles immature male but has a variable  amber colored wash on her wings.
  • Flight is from May to November

Habitat Photo
Koosharem Meadow

lib-ell-YEW-lid-ee   sim-PEAT-rum 

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