Western Pondhawk, Immature Male - Erythemis collocata
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side view

Head and Thorax
side view of head and thorax

dorsal view of head and thorax

Male genitalia
male genitalia


Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis
Located July 23,  2006 -  Scipio Lake, Millard  County, Utah
North 39º 07' 16.96"     West 112º  03' 15.74"
Elevation 5956 feet

1. Face
2. Dorsal
3. Side View
4., 5.  Head and Thorax
6. Male genitalia
7., 8., 9.  Appendages

  • 1 .75 inch  long, 2.5 inch wingspan
  • Male - blue,  Female and immatures - green
  • green face
  • Male - pruinose blue, Female and immatures - green
  • females and immatures bright green with dark line down center of top of abdomen.  In immature the thorax is the last to turn blue
  • prefers perching near the ground

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