Red Saddlebags, Male - Libellulidae Tramea onusta
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Red Saddlebags, Male
inner wing and thorax
inner wing close-up
Red Saddlebags, male, thorax and genitalia

back of head

side of face and thorax
Photo Details
June 7, 2006 - GPS  39° 28' 55.09" N,   111°58' 27.63" W - Elevation  5077 feet.  Chicken Creek Reservoir, Juab County, Utah
1. Canon 20 D, 100mm lens, ISO 200, F16,  1/250, Flash  + 1 2/3
2. thru 10. 
Canon 20 D, 100mm len + extension tube, ISO 200, F16,  1/250, Flash  + 1 2/3
©Nicky Davis

Named "Saddlebags" because they have a red saddle mark on the hind wings. Length is from 1.60 to 1.90 inches with a wingspan  of 3 to 3.5 inches.  Red eyes, and abdomen, thorax brownish,  las t  three  segments have black spots on the top.  Red stigma on forewing and hindwing.

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