Four-spotted Skimmer, Female - Libellula quadrimaculata
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dorsal view

side view



Head and Thorax

top of head and thorax

side view of head, legs, thorax and first 3 segments

First Three Segments and Inner Hindwing

Close-up of the first 3 segments and inner hindwing

Fore and Hindwing closeup
fore and hindwing close-up photo 

Dorsal View
top view of appendages
Ventral View
appendages at an angle
Lateral View
side view of appendages

Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis
July 4, 2006 -  Near Farmington Bay, Davis County, Utah
40° 58' 21" North, 111
° 55' 41.58" West
Elevation 4209 feet
Submitted record to OC #7177

Other sightings
15 July 2011 - Guardsman Pass at a small pond below MIdway Reservoir, N. , W., elevation 8097.  Salt Lake County, Utah

15 July 2011 - North of Vivian Park, Provo Canyon, Utah County, Utah

1. dorsal view
2. side view
3., 4.  face
5. top view of head and thorax
6. side view of head, legs, thorax, and first 3 segments
7. inner hindwing and first 3 segments
8. fore and hindwing close-up photo
9. three views of appendages

  • Length  1 3/4 inches
  • Wingspan  2 3/4 inches
  • Fore and hindwing have a dark spot at  the nodus plus a bigger dark spot  on the base of the hindwing
  • Brownish orange  at  the  leading edge of  the wings
  • Abdomen is olive green, to golden brown with yellow dashes along the sides of each segment except the last one
  • The tip is tapered 

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