Twelve-Spotted Skimmer
Libellula pulchella

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male Twelve-spotted Skimmer

sandy Utah

Photo Details - ŠAlan Myrup
1.  Located by Alan Myrup July 2013, Lower Hobble Creek Wildlife Management Area near Springville, Utah County, Utah

2.  Located in Sandy, Salt Lake County, Utah, ŠNicky Davis

51-58 mm length (2-2.28 inches) and 84-92 mm (3.30-3.62 inches) wingspan
3 dark spots forewing and hindwing with the third one at the wingtips.  As the subject ages, white spots develop between the black spots. They fly from April to October near  ponds, lakes and rivers in the Southwest. (Common Dragonflies of the Southwest by Kathy Biggs)

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