Spotted Spreadwing
Lestes congener
Koosharem Meadows

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 Male-Box Elder County      Female, Chicken Creek,  Juab County

thorax and head

lateral view of thorax

female thorax, dorsal view

dorsal view

lateral view


This Spreadwing was located  at Koosharem Meadows, Sevier County on  9 August 2010
GPS N. 38.34.0650, W. 111.50.2758
Elevation 6977 feet

Photos - ŠNicky Davis

Male has blue eyes, dark thorax, first  and last two abdominal segments pruinose, other segments dark or green sheen, short lower appendages, four dark spots on underside of thorax, brown stigma, female more stout and less colorful  Information from "Common Dragohnflies of the Southwest"  by Kathy Biggs

Ponds, lakes, slow streams including saline water., ponds with cattails and sedges. 

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