Boreal Bluet
Enallagma boreale
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Male Boreal Bluet at Scipio Lake, Millard County, Utah on July 23, 2006

Chicken Creek, Juab County, Utah on June 11, 2006
Full View
Chicken Creek Boreal Bluet

head and thorax





Photo Details - ŠNicky Davis

Chicken Creek, Juab County, Utah
GPS  39° 28' 55.09" N,   111°58' 27.63" W
Elevation  5077 feet.
June 11, 2006.

1., 2. full view
3.  abdomen
4. , 5. head and thorax
6.  face
7., 8., 9.  appendages

  • Eyes have large blue, wavy-edged, spoon-shaped eyespots with a connecting or nearly connecting blue line
  • Thorax has a wide black dorsal stripe
  • Thorax side stripe is wider at the front, pinches toward the back and ends in an arrow shape
  • Dorsal side of abdomen is more blue than black on segments 1-5,  segment 6-7 more black than blue,  segments 8-9 are all blue, segment 10 is blue with a black mark in the center
  • Lower appendages are longer than the uppers
  • There is a little shelf on the inside of each superior appendage (cercus) (the little gray rounded bumps on either side of the fuzz) that characterizes Boreal, whereas Northern has a shelf like that projecting from the end, plainly evident from both top and sides. "Kathy Biggs "Common Dragonflies of the Southwest"
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