Dot-tailed  Whiteface, Female - Leucorrhinia intacta
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Side View  of Head and Thorax
side view of head and thorax

Front View of Head
view of front of head

Close-up of Top of Head and Thorax
top of head

Full Side view
midway reservoir

Side View of Abdomen
side view of abdomen

Dorsal View of Abdomen
dorsal view

Dorsal View of Abdomen - after warming up
dorsal view

Views of Appendages



Close-up of forewing

Close-up of hindwing

Close-up of abdominal lateral markings
underside of first few segments

Close-up of Leg

Photo Details
Female located 19 July 2010 flying by a small pond that is surrounded by sedges.
Midway Reservoir, Wasatch County, Utah

GPS N. 40º35' 25.47",  W.  111º 30' 10.40"
Elevation 8339 feet

All photos were posed.
©Nicky Davis

I.D. verified by Dennis Paulsen  "
That indeed is a young female Dot-tailed Whiteface, from its color pattern and subgenital plate (pair of peglike protuberances). I guess the "chin" in DTB is the labium, the jointed structure under the mandibles. That is fairly variable in color." Dennis

I.D. verified by Alan Myrup
"Yes, your label, Leucorrhinia intacta, (Dot-tailed Whiteface) is correct. The ventral view of the subgenital plates is the key." Alan

Characteristics of Female
1.  Amber colored inner wings
2.  Segments two through 7 have yellow dorsal spots. Segment seven spot is almost a square.
3.  White face
4.  Small black basal wing spots
5.  Black legs
6.  "Female  subgenital plate 2 parallel pegs 1/4 as long as Segment 9 and separated by a distance equal to their  length"      per Sidney W. Dunkle "Dragonflies through Binoculars"

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