Lady Bug Beetle
Coleoptera:  Coccinellidae

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Ladybug vs Ant

Lady Beetle Larva
Coleoptera:  Coccinellidae

lady bug larva

Photo Details ©Nicky Davis
une 30, 2005
Goshen Canyon, Utah County, Utah
While photographing this Ladybug for my Granddaughter, this ant came up to the bug and poked it as if to say "Where did you get that great red outfit?".

The larva photo was taken  22 June 2014 along the road between Guardsman Pass and Midway and identified by
Shawn Clark
"There are many species of lady beetles, and the larva of each has its own distinctive coloration.  However, I don't know enough about them to say exactly which species you photographed.  Most lady beetle species, including the one you photographed, are predators, rather than herbivores.  Without doubt, some other insect was responsible for the defoliation.  The lady beetle larva was surely feeding on aphids or some other insects that were present on the plants."


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