Ichneumon Wasp parasitized a Pallid Dotted-blue Butterfly-  Euphilotes pallescens pallescens
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Adult Ichneumon Wasp just after emerging from the pupa
just after this wasp emerged from the butterfly pupa

Parasitized Pupa

parasitized butterfly pupa
parasitized butterfly pupa

Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis
This Ichneumon Wasp parasitized this Pallid Dotted-Blue pupa.  The larva of thePallid Dotted-blue Butterfly was located October 5th and 7th, Near Lynndyl, Millard County, Utah. 
Elevation 4933 feet
North 39º 38.740 feet, West 112º 18.357 feet

Adult Wasp
1. Emerged from pupa on October 31, 2006

Parasitized Pupa
1., left, right

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