Yellow-bellied Marmot - Marmota flaviventris
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adult marmot

young marmot on wrong side of road

marmot on wrong side of road

Photo Details - © Nicky Davis
Marmots along highway 15o in the Uintas
1.,2., 3.  A young marmot was on one side of  Highway 150  and the adults were on the other side.  The adults seemed to be waiting for the young one to cross the road, but there was some traffic and the young one apparently didn't think he could make it across safely.

Marmots at Rock Cliff, July 22, 2003, Wasatch County, Utah
1. The guard
2.  foraging

  • The 18-26 inch long Marmots inhabit burrows on rocky slopes on sides of mountain or a meadows.
  • They live from 3 to 20 years eating forbs, clovers, alfalfa, grasses and occasionally insects.
  • Foxes, badgers, bears, Eagles, and mountain lions prey on them.

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