Muskrat - Ondatra zibethicus
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Photo Details

1. February 6, 2005, Mountain Springs, Utah County, Utah, ©Nicky Davis
2.October 18, 2005, Springville, Utah County ,Utah - ©Jack Binch

  • Length of head and body is 9-15 inches, while the tail is 71/2 to 10 1/2 inches long
  • They are reddish brown except for their light gray belly and blackish tail
  • The tail is scaly and vertically flattened
  • They inhabit marshes, ponds, lakes and slow streams with reeds and cattails
  • They feed on aquatic plants, snails, clams, crayfish and frogs
  • They have several litters per year with each litter producing up to 11 offspring
  •  They build small aquatic lodges made of grass and sedges.

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