North American Porcupine
Erethizon Dorsatum

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Photo Details
ŠNicky Davis

1.  2. 3. 4. Normally noctural, this one was wandering around digging and chewing at roots.  I talked softly to him as I approached -  He seemed fine with my presence and didn't raise his quills until a family of 4 walked up.  December 27, 2005, Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah -

  • Length of head and body 18 to 23 inches - tail 6 to 11 inches
  • short round body
  • short legs
  • long stiff quills
  • moves slowly
  • feeds on buds, twigs and bark
  • normally nocturnal
  • Approximately 30,000 barbed quills are modified hairs that become embedded on contact.  If threatened, they turn their backs and raise the quills to the predator

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