Bear Claw Poppy
 Family - Papaveraceae (Poppy)
Arctomecon humilis

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Close-up of "Bear Claw" leaf

Poppy with some spent blooms
bear poppy

Poppy with a new plant growing at the side

Poppy leaves shows resemblance to bear paw with claws at tips

Fading Flower

seed pod

Poppies glow in morning light

Three poppies with biological soil crust in the foreground

Photo taken by Les Davis
les' poppy

Photo taken by Marilyn Davis
Bear Claw Poppy

Photo Details - İMarilyn Davis

April 23, 2016, Photos 1 through 6 by Nicky Davis along the White Dome Nature Conservancy trail where many Dwarf Bear Poppies grow.  The name has been changed from Bear Claw Poppy to Dwarf Bear Poppy.

Marilyn Davis located the Bear Claw Poppy in St. George, Utah along Hidden Valley Road in the Red Cliffs Desert Preserve (east of I-15).

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