Narrowleaf Bird's-foot Trefoil: Fabaceae (Pea Family) Lotus  corniculatus,  var. tenuifolius
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Photo Details
August 29, 2004 , Garr Ranch at Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah - ©Nicky Davis

Also called Bird's Foot Trefoil, Bird's-foot Deervetch, Baby's Slippers, Bacon and Eggs
 A Non-Native European import.  They are a non-toxic sprawling to upright perennial plant with small, narrow, oval leaflets in 5's (3 at the tip). Flowers from June to September.  Flower is about 1/2 nch wide. Medium water need, medium salt tolerance but intolerant to shade.  I found this one in a partially shady location and perhaps that is why there was just one flower cluster

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