Blazing Star Mentzelia
Mentzelia   laevicaulis
Loasaceae (Loasa Family) 

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Family:  Loasaceae (Loasa), Genus: Mentzelia (ment-ZEL-ee-uh), Species:  laevicaulis  (lee-vih-KAHL-iss

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June 22, 2003, Road to Golden Spike, Box Elder County, Utah  - ©Nicky Davis

Mentzelia (ment-ZEL-ee-uh) is named for Christian Mentzel, a 17th century German botanist.  Laevicaulia (lee-vih-KAHL-iss or lay-vih-KAHL-iss) means with smooth stems. The yellow  flower closes in the heat of the day.  The stamen are nearly as long as the petals which are from 1-3 inches long and the leaves and stems have hairs that stick to clothing and animal fur. Thus, they are sometimes called stickleleaf. Montana's Native Americans dug  the roots before the plant flowered and used them to lower fevers.

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