Buckhorn Cholla
Cylindropuntia  acanthocarpa
Previously Opuntia acanthocarpa

Cactaceae  (Cactus Family)

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Photo Details
April 16, 2005 - Southwest Desert, Washington County, Utah - ©Nicky Davis

An open and spreading woody cactus, to 3 + feet tall.  The gray-green stems,  called "joints", are cylindrical, 2-12 inches long  with tubercles or nodules.  Each tubercle has a cluster of stiff spines.  The flowers are up to 2 in. long and range from yellow to purple-red with shades in between.  The fruits are obovoid, dry, shriveled and spiny and drop off later in the season.  The seeds are light yellowish to gray-brown, 1.5 in. long.

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