Mexican Cliffrose or Stansbury Cliffrose:
Rosaceae (Rose Family) 
Purshia  stansburiana

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Photo Details
1.  Flower  2.  turning to seed, 3. turning to seed,  4. plumes, 5. leaves,  6.  plant  October 31, 2004 , Goshen Canyon,  Utah County, Utah -  © Nicky Davis

syn. Stansbury Cliffrose, Cowania stansburiana== Purshia stansburiana
Five petaled, rose-like,1 to 2 inch cream flowers with many stamen. Leaves are 5 lobed (three lobes at tip with one more on each side below the tip), about 6 to 9 foot tall tree/shrub. It appears more upright than the  P. tridentata that is 6 feet wide and 3 feet tall.  The stansburiana and tridentata do hybridize. Large single fruits with 1 to 2 inch long feathery plumes. This plant was aromatic and a bit sticky.

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