Common Horehound: Lamiaceae (Mint)  Marrubium vulgarea 
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Photo Details:
1. flower and seed, 2. plant -  October 4, 2005 - Parowan Gap, Iron County, Utah - ©Nicky Davis

syn. White Horehound
  Size: 20 inches tall, Flowers: 1/4 inch long, white petals clustered in whorls in leaf axils, Stems: 4-sided (square), Bracts: spiny, 
opposite, ovate 1/2 inches wide, toothed margins, prominent veins and crinkled surface between veins, woolly,
Odor:  doesn't have a distinctive odor if growing in abundant moisture, Habitat: found growing in fields or  by roadsides

Other Information:
A non-native from Asia and Europe.  The name doesn't imply dogs or strumpets.  It is rooted in the Old English hare hune, or "gray plant". 
The dried leaf and flower tea is a cough-suppressant  and expectorant but has a bitter taste.

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