Silky Lupine:  Fabaceae (Pea Family)  Lupinus  sericeus
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Photo Details
1. Close-up showing tooth, 2. photo showing side with hairy,  banner petal, 3. stalk, 4. Leaf arrangement,
5. Habitat -  July 10, 2005- Nebo Loop, Juab County, Utah - ©Nicky Davis

Size: 2 foot tall with bushy habit - Flowers: 1/2 inch individual blue to purple flowers arranged in clusters on 2 to 20 inch tall stalks. Banner petal is hairy -
 BloomTime: Usually May through August in subalpine area - Leaves: alternate, palmately divided with 6 to 9 leaflets.

Other information
Lupinus is taken from lupus, 'wolf', because of a belief  that these plants destroy  the soul.
Lupine may be good forage in some areas, while in other areas, this species may be toxic.
Alkaloid content varies among sites. Alkaloid content is high in the spring and declines as plants mature,
 but plants can remain toxic until they dry in autumn. Alkaloid quantity decreases with altitude.
Host plant for the Melissa Blue and Shasta Blue Butterfly caterpillar

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