King Desert Parsley
Lomatium graveolens
 Apiaceae ( Family)  Lomatium graveolens

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Monte Cristo 5 June 2014
monte cristo



Guardsman Pass path 9 June 2014

Photo Details
June 20, 2006, Francis Peak, Farmington Canyon, Davis County, Utah
June 9, 2014, Guardsman Pass Path to trail going south
June 19, 2014 and 5 July 2014, Located along  Monte Cristo Road at about the top. 8746 feet, ~ 41°24'44" N, 111°31'29" W
July 1, 2014, located at top of trail going north from Guardsman Pass  to almost under the Jupiter  ski lift.  9904 foot elevation, ~ 40° 36' 40" N,  111° 33'11"

Reported at  Soapstone Campground area in the uinta mountains F.R. 37.
Also reported at Strawberry Reservoir just past the marina road on 131.

Host plant for
Mesa Rim Cliff Swallowtail - Papilio indra minori
Papilio indra indra

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