Leonard's Beardtongue
Penstemon leonardii

Family:  Scrophulariaceae

Tony Grove, Cache County, Utah

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P. leonardi  anthers are  dehisced (split along a natural line)
at the proximal end (see the white slit at end of anthers)

A more pink P. leonardi from Tony Grove 9 July 2016

Photos ©Nicky Davis

Photographed at Tony Grove, Cache County, Utah on 9 July 2016

Native Perennial, lanceolate, opposite leaves, simple leaves  attached to the stem with a stalk, purple flowers directly attach to the stalk (sessile), found in areas of dry rocky sagebrush, Gambel Oak or spruce-fir vegetated slopes at 6500 feet - 9800 foot elevation

Per Andrey Zharkikh, an identification tool is the dehisced (torn or split) anthers at the proximal end found only in P. patricus, P. leonardii, P. platyphyllus, P. sepalulus
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