Palmer's Penstemon:  Scrophulariaceae  (Figwort Family)  Penstemon (Beardtongue)    palmeri
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Photo Details
1. an inside look at the blossom, 2. leaf shape, 3. dry habitat, July 10, 2005, Nebo Loop, Juab County , Utah, ©Nicky Davis

Size:  5 feet tall ,  Flower: spikes of large, fragrant, white to pink blossoms with tubular corolla is  two-lipped at the mouth with a two-lobed upper lip and
a three-lobed lower lip.  There are 4 anther-bearing (fertile) stamens and a single sterile stamen,
 Bloom Time:
June to August

A Utah native perennial with low water requirements. They are considered desirable forages for deer, antelope
and birds either as herbage or seed and may  provide some cover  for small bird species.


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