Stansbury Cliffrose:
Purshia stansburiana
Rosaceae (Rose Family) 

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Photo Details 1.  Flower, 2.  turning to seed, 3.  turning to seed, 4.  plumes,  5.  leaves,  6.  Plant October 31, 1004, Goshen Canyon, Utah County, Utah -  ©Nicky Davis

Leaf  from plant located at Blue Canyon, by Johnson's Pass, Tooele County, Utah

syn.  Cowania stansburiana==Purshia stansburiana

Five petaled, rose-like, 1-2 inch cream flowers with many stamen.  Leaves have three lobes at apex then one on each side below the apex.  About 6-15 foot tall tree/shrub.
Large single fruits with 1 to 2 inch cream flowers with many stamen.  
Aromatic and a bit sticky.  

This plant is host for the Desert Elfin - Callophrys fotis ==Incisalia fotis butterfly
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Desert Elfin Butterfly,  Callophrys fotis==Incisalia fotis

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