Anderson's Buttercup
Ranunculus andersonii

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Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis
Located March 5, 2014, Stansbury Island, Tooele County, Utah, elevation 4979 feet, GPS N 40.4752,  W 112.4038

First Turnoff is at 
N. 40.48.09 W then just go up the bike trail.
or go to the Second turnoff
N . W. where the BLM parking lot is and follow the bike trail up.
The buttercups start showing up along the trail well below the top at 4979 feet.

Perennial,  2 -12 inches tall, glabrous (not hairy) flower on a leafless stem, leaves compound  .4 - 2 inches long,  .6 - 2 inches wide, triternately (three times ternate(3 leaflets)) 2-3 times divided,  5 white or red-tinged  petals with 5 white or pinkish sepals.  Many yellow stamen and pistils.  "A Utah Flora"  4th Edition and "wikipedia"

United States Range
Utah Range
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