Blue Spruce:   Pinacea  (Pine Family) Picea   pungens
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Photo Details
December 12, 2004 -Salt Lake Cemetery, Salt Lake County, Utah - ©Nicky Davis

Native perennial trees growing to 75 feet  at maturity, the crown long-conic; branches whorled, ascending to slightly to strongly drooping; twigs not pendent, stout, yellow-brown, usually without hair; many small twigs produced on the main trunk and between the main whorls of branches; bark relatively thick, gray-brown, breaking into furrows and rounded ridges, only slightly scaly.  Needles are evergreen, borne singly and at right angles from all sides of the twig, 3/4-1 1/4 inches long, 4-angled, stiff and sharply spine-tipped, silvery to blue-green.  Seed cones are green or violet, ripening pale buff, 2- 4 inches long, ellipsoid, pendent, the scales elliptic to diamond-shaped, widest below middle, stiff at the base, the tip flexible, unevenly toothed, and extending .31-.39 inches beyond seed-wing impression. No saline tolerance, medium drought tolerance and low fire tolerance. Moisture requirements are medium. This plant is not palatable to browsing animals.

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