Utah Sweetvetch  -   Fabaceae( Pea) Hedysarum boreale  boreale
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Photo Details
1. Flowers, 2. leaves Butterfield Canyon, Salt Lake County, Utah,
3., 4., 5.  Plant located in Neff's Canyon, Salt Lake County, Utah - June of 2007
6. with Bumblebee, Bombus, Utah County

Perennial native plant. Pods are flattened between the seeds. Pink flowers bloom in June and July. Leaves are compound, pinnate and have many leaflets. The flower's straight  keel is longer than the wings.  Blooms June and July.  Please see

Host Plant  for
Erynnis afranius = Afranius Duskywing
also possibly
Western Tailed Blue = Cupido amyntula butterfly

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