Weidemeyer's Admiral
  Limenitis weidemeyerii  latifascia

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Ova on July 9, 2006

Ova - photo by Todd Stout
weidemeyer latisfascia ova

# 1 - First Instar
larva just eclosed from ova this morning - July 14,

Head case discarded by the first Instar after it molted to second instar
head case discarded after molt from first
                  instar to second

#1 - Second Instar
second instar just after molt

#1 - Third instar on July 24, 2006
L. weidemeyerii on July 24, 2006

#1 - Third Instar inside nest

larva inside silk nest

#2 - Fifth Instar

#2 - Fifth Instar

#2 -  Pre-Pupa - August 5, 2006
dorsal view

#2 -  Pre-Pupa - August 5, 2006


Photo Details - ŠNicky Davis
Todd Stout collected this  ova on an Aspen leaf 17.5 miles S.E. of Alpine, Lincoln County, Wyoming - July 8, 2006.

July 09, 2006

Larva #1
1. July 14, 2006
Newly eclosed larva just after being placed on aspen

2. July 15, 2006
It looks as if this larva is on a twig but in reality it is a twig look-alike constructed entirely by the larva in just one day. This little guy is amazing.  After each meal he goes to the edge of the leaf and works on constructing this string bridge, twig look-alike object.  He adds a length to the string after each meal.  Then he sleeps on the string.  It's really weird because the string is so strong it sets out from the leaf horizontally with no support at the end of the string.  I think he has "guy wires" going from furthur out on the leaf to hold it in that position. He must have been an engineer in his previous life. Maybe our ancient engineers learned their trade from watching these caterpillars.

3.Discarded head case after molt from first to second instar, July 17, 2006
4.  July 17, 2006 -  Second instar has created a perch by chewing away the leaf and extending the leaf's vein with dung pellets.
5.  3rd instar - Morning of July 24, 2006
Evening of July 24th - This larva constructed a hibernacula  today by attaching silk to each side of an aspen leaf.  It will over-winter as the third instar larva.

Dale Nielson provided larva #2

Pre-Pupa-Larva #2
1., 2. Photos show larva in the classic "J"  position,  set to form pupa

Fifth Instar- Larva #2
1. head
2. lateral

Fourth Instar
No photo available

Host Plant
This ova was on Aspen which was also used as host plant for the larva.  For available photos of  host plants click on your choice of
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